First Things First – Challenged to Grow

First Things First

Austin MankinAug 29, 2021Dallas

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First Things First – Challenged to Grow
Austin MankinAug 29, 2021Dallas
First Things First – Taught About Jesus
Jonathan LinderAug 22, 2021Dallas
First Things First – Known and Accepted
Austin MankinAug 15, 2021Dallas

Discussion Questions

  1. What are some things you do to get comfortable? (Vacation, TV, eat food etc.)

  2. Challenging yourself is uncomfortable. How can comfort be a distraction from your walk with God? 1 Timothy 4:7

  3. How would you say the world looks down on teenagers today? How can teenagers rise about these low expectations? *(1 Timothy 4:12)

  4. Describe a time in your life where you experienced something challenging. How did that season help you grow?

  5. As you evaluate the last year of your life, would you say you have grown or changed in your faith? How so?

  6. Read 2 Peter 1:3: God has given us “everything we need” to follow him. What resources are we not taking advantage of in our walk with Christ?

  7. What changes could you make in your life in order to grow more spiritually this year?

About 'First Things First'

Our mission at Wake is to make every student feel known and accepted, taught about Jesus, and challenged to grow. We believe putting these things “first” are essential to the spiritual life and growth of a teenager.