A Story Worth Sharing

Wake Side Bar

Austin MankinApr 11, 2021Dallas

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Discussion Questions

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  1. Explain your life before you began to trust and follow Jesus wholeheartedly.
    *- When was a time in your life that God got your attention?

    • What was your life like before you came to trust and follow Christ wholeheartedly?
    • What did you think or feel about God?
    • What brokenness have you experienced in your life (hurts or sinful habits)?*
  2. Explain how you began to trust and follow Jesus wholeheartedly.
    *- What made you start thinking about God and if following him could make a difference in your life?

    • When and where did you find out about Jesus Christ? What did you learn about Him? Specifically, when and why did you decide to trust and follow Jesus wholeheartedly?
    • What are one or two special verses that God has really used to teach you about Him or strengthen your faith?*
  3. Explain your life since you began to trust and follow Jesus wholeheartedly.
    *- How did your life begin to change after you started your relationship with God?

    • Compare your life now to what it might have been if you hadn’t trusted Christ. What have you experienced since you began wholeheartedly following Christ?
    • What is God teaching you right now in your relationship with Him?
    • In closing, what encouragement, invitation, advice, or challenge would you give to someone whose story may be similar to yours?*