Feet Hit the Ground

Wake Up

Addison HerritageMar 21, 2021

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Cooper McCulloughMar 28, 2021Dallas
Feet Hit the Ground
Addison HerritageMar 21, 2021
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Cooper McCulloughMar 7, 2021Dallas

Discussion Questions

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  1. Do you currently spend time with God daily?
    (Explain does that time look like for you?)

  2. Read Psalm 1. Based on this passage, how important is it to God that we spend time reading His word?
    (What does this passage say about someone who spends time reading the Bible consistently?)

  3. Read verses 2 & 3 again. How does it describe the attitude we should have about reading scripture? What is your current attitude towards reading the Bible?
    (How does it describe the person who spends time meditating on God's word?)

  4. How often to you eat food every day? Read John 6:35. What does Jesus say that he is?
    (How much MORE do you think we need to "eat" this food?)

  5. Read Matthew 4:1-11. How does JESUS respond when he is tempted by Satan? How do YOU respond when you are tempted or find yourself in a moment of weakness?
    (Have you spent enough time in God's word to be able to "stand against the schemes of the devil" (Eph. 6:11)?)

  6. Do you have consistent people around you in your faith journey? Read Proverbs 18:1.
    (Have you been isolating, or do you allow your small group to invest in you?)

  7. Read 2 Timothy 2:3-4. What is the life of a Christian compared to?
    (Are we to fight this battle alone?)

  8. What are some practical steps you can take to be more consistent in spending time in God's word and investing in each other?
    (Whats your time, place, and plan for getting in Gods word, how can we encourage each other, etc.)

About 'Wake Up'

Our heart behind this series is that students would open their eyes, stop hitting snooze, wake up, and run after JESUS! As we know, true life is only found in following Jesus. This true life includes a great race to run! We must not stay sleeping while there is a kingdom to be advanced and disciples to be made.