The How of Godly Romance

Nobody Wants to be Lonely 2021

Sean HillFeb 28, 2021

Discussion Questions

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  1. Look up and read Genesis 2:15-24 together as a group. What was Adam doing before Eve was created for him?

  2. What was Adam doing when God created What role did Adam play in finding his companion? How is Adam’s story different than the way most people today meet and fall in love?

  3. Look up and read 1 Corinthians 7:32-35 together as a group. What does Paul think unmarried people should spend their time doing? How could the ongoing quest for relationships divide a person’s devotion or distract someone from God?

  4. Look up and read 1 Corinthians 15:58. What do you think it means when it talks about the “work of the Lord”. What work might God have for someone your age?

  5. Look up and read Psalm 127:1 and Psalm 37:7. How can these verses be applied to our desire/quest for romantic relationships? What do you think these verses tell us about how much time we should spend thinking about and searching for the right person?

  6. Turn back to and think one more time about Genesis 2:15-24. Focus on the last 2 verses. Was it easy or difficult for Adam to know that Eve was “the one” for him?

  7. Do you think God wants it to be easy or difficult for you to find “the one” for you?

About 'Nobody Wants to be Lonely 2021'

We all have a God-given desire for romance and companionship. Just as God has given us these desires, He also has a plan for their fulfillment. Through this series, we hope to help students understand how God intends for them to honor Him in relationships. We will do this by answering the questions: (1) Who finds this romance? (2) When will a person find godly romance? (3) How do I handle these feelings?