The Who & When of Godly Romance

Nobody Wants to be Lonely 2021

Jonathan LinderFeb 21, 2021

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The How of Godly Romance
Sean HillFeb 28, 2021
The Who & When of Godly Romance
Jonathan LinderFeb 21, 2021

Discussion Questions

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  1. How many of you know someone who has had a boyfriend/girlfriend? Has anyone here ever had boyfriend/ girlfriend?

  2. What is different about “boyfriends/girlfriends” that makes them “more than friends”? What do you think about kids your age “dating” or “going out” with each other?

  3. What are some of your motivations to date or not to date? Do you think your desires are motivated by facts or feelings?
    *- (Facts: Parents, SG Leaders, Godly council, Bible)

  4. (Feelings: Makes me feel a certain way; attention; lonely)*

  5. Look up and read Jeremiah 17:9, Proverbs 3:5-6, and Matthew 6:33-34. What lesson can we learn from these verses?
    - We can't trust our heart/ feelings. We are told not to walk in our own understanding. Life is found in seeking the kingdom of God first and foremost.

  6. Nobody wants to be lonely. Do you have any ideas about what a person could do to avoid being lonely while they wait for God’s timing for romantic relationships?
    - Pursue deeper friendships, learn to walk closely with the Lord, share your feelings with Godly council.

  7. In your opinion, what are the good parts of “going out” with someone? What are the bad parts of “going out” with someone? When do you think is a good time to start dating or “going out”?

  8. If you’re ever interested in “dating” or “going out” or having a “boyfriend/girlfriend,” what do you think would be the wise or godly things to do before jumping into that kind of relationship?

About 'Nobody Wants to be Lonely 2021'

We all have a God-given desire for romance and companionship. Just as God has given us these desires, He also has a plan for their fulfillment. Through this series, we hope to help students understand how God intends for them to honor Him in relationships. We will do this by answering the questions: (1) Who finds this romance? (2) When will a person find godly romance? (3) How do I handle these feelings?