Conflict Resolution


Addison HerritageJan 31, 2021

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Conflict Resolution
Addison HerritageJan 31, 2021
Speaking Truth in Love
Jonathan LinderJan 24, 2021
A Model for Friendship
Sean HillJan 17, 2021
Friendship's Foundation
Sean HillJan 10, 2021

Discussion Questions

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  1. Which parts of friendships are the easiest? Which are the hardest?

  2. Would you say you generally feel comfortable working through conflict with others, or is it something that makes you uncomfortable? Why?

  3. What are some situations in your life where you've handled conflict well? What about situations where you haven't handled it well?

  4. Why might we try to just avoid conflict instead of resolve it? What are some specific lies we tell ourselves to avoid conflict?

  5. We talked through some steps in the process of resolving conflict with others. Which ones stuck out to you, and how are they similar or different to how you would normally approach conflict with someone?
    Ex.: Ask God and others for self-awareness, address it as soon as possible, admit your wrong, apologize & ask for forgiveness, alter your behavior, address your hurts, ask for help if it doesn't work.

  6. What are some ways you have not been a good friend to others lately? What is one area you can focus on being a better friend this week?

About 'Resolve'

In a world where connection looks more different than it ever has, how can we resolve to be the friends God created us to be in 2021?