Friendship's Foundation


In this message, we want to help students see that friendship was founded in creation and flourishes in the Gospel. To encourage students not to settle for virtual connection, but to build relationships through vulnerability and authenticity, together, with one another.

Sean HillJan 10, 2021

Discussion Questions

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  1. How would you describe your friendships in 2020? What would you like them to look like in 2021?

  2. God exists as a trinity: three persons in one God. If we're created in the image of God, what effect does It have on us that we're created from the fellowship & friendship of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit?
    - (God didn't create us just so that we could affirm Him with our praise, or give Him companionship...He didn't and doesn't need that). It helps explain that we're created for relationship, and that we are relational beings. We're made to relate to God, and to one another.

  3. What do you see in your life that shows that you personally want relationships with God and others?
    -"it eats at me when I'm in conflict with someone else;" "I have this desire to connect to people;" "I love meeting new people;" "I love just hanging with a small group of close friends," etc.

  4. Read Genesis1:27–31 (Cultural Mandate) & Matthew 28:16–20 (Great Commission). How do friends provide us the necessary support to fulfill these?
    - God commands humans to fill the earth, cultivate goodness in it, and to make disciples. This is not meant to be accomplished alone, but with other Christ–followers for strength, encouragement, challenging, and faithful, brotherly love.

  5. Think about a couple of important ingredients to deep friendship: vulnerability and time. Which one of these is harder for you to accomplish?

  6. How could the truth of the Gospel help you be more authentic and honest with your friends?
    - The heart of the Gospel is this: we, though deeply broken, are even more deeply loved by a God who though He knew everything about us, chose to sacrifice Himself for us that we might be saved Into a relationship with Him. "All ground Is level at the foot of the cross," all have sinned, and yet all have opportunity to receive grace through Christ!

About 'Resolve'

In a world where connection looks more different than it ever has, how can we resolve to be the friends God created us to be in 2021?