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Demystifying the Myths of Single Parenting

Single parenting is filled with myths - some from well intentioned friends and family, others from our culture. Holly and Richard, both single parents, examine some of the most common myths and provide a biblical context and response. While God never intended for parents to be single, He has a plan and is willing and wanting to strengthen those that come to Him with their need. Hear Holly and Richard share their struggles and victories and they walk with the Lord through a challenging but rewarding season in their life.

Holly Mason, Richard McCauleyOct 17, 2008

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Demystifying the Myths of Single Parenting
Holly Mason, Richard McCauleyOct 17, 2008

About 'High Stakes'

As parents, it?s easy to wonder whether we?re using the most effective parenting style. Am I leading my kids in the right direction? Am I spending enough time with them? Am I spending enough quality time with them? What am I teaching them about their relationship with God? Is my method of discipline working? The problem is that the answers to these questions are different for every parent, every child and every situation. Being a parent isn?t a game but the stakes are high. Our prayer is that these sessions will effectively communicate God?s wisdom as you shepherd your children into adulthood.