Challenged to Grow

Wake 2020

Sean HillSep 6, 2020

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Challenged to Grow
Sean HillSep 6, 2020
Taught About Jesus
Jacob AlgerAug 30, 2020
Known & Accepted
Sean HillAug 23, 2020

Discussion Questions

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  1. 2020 has presented unique challenges to everyone. However, with new challenges also come new opportunities. What new opportunities have you seen come from this season?

  2. What do you believe that it means to 'grow in your faith'?
    (To recap what Sean said this weekend: growing in our faith means trusting God more than we used to, and becoming more like Him in all we do.)

  3. Read 2 Corinthians 3:18. Since becoming a follower of Christ, in what ways have you grown to be more like Jesus?

  4. One of the primary ways you can grow this year is by spending time in God's Word. Do you have a time, place, and a plan for spending time with God? If not, why don't we make one together as a small group?

  5. Read Proverbs 27:17. If we are going to grow in our faith as much as possible, we need the help of others. In what ways do you want this group to help you grow in your faith this year?

  6. Read John 20:19-21. Jesus offered the disciples peace in the midst of their fear. Have you felt fearful during this season? If so, let's read together God's promise to us in Romans 8:35-39.

  7. In John 20:21, Jesus sends out his disciples. How do you think God wants to uniquely use you in the year 2020?

About 'Wake 2020'

In the year 2020, Wake is going to look a lot different. With so much changing in our world, we want to remind our students that some things stay the same. That even though our method may change, our mission remains the same. What does it look like to be Known & Accepted, Taught about Jesus, and Challenged to Grow in 2020?