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Wake 2020

Jacob AlgerAug 30, 2020

Discussion Questions

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  1. Jesus says in John 14:6, "I am the way, the truth and the life." Who would you say that Jesus is?

  2. Read Jeremiah 6:16. In what ways have you actively chosen not to walk in 'the good way'? What has happened as a result?

  3. If you believe in Jesus, ask yourself this question: do I just know about Jesus, or do I genuinely follow Him every day? If so, what does that mean?
    (Helpful scriptures: John 14:21, 1 John 5:2-3, Luke 9:27, Matt 4:19)

  4. We live in a world that constantly opposes truth. Read 2 Timothy 4:3-5. In what ways have you seen our world oppose the truth of God's Word?
    (Use discernment if discussing these: Evolution, Gender Identity, Abortion, Sexual Revolution, etc.)

  5. How can we be sure that Jesus is the truth?
    (He proved He was who He said He was - Publicly crucified, Publicly Buried, Raised to life, appeared to over 500 people, and has been changing lives ever since.)

  6. Jesus not only identified our problem but provided us the solution. Read John 3:16-18. How has Jesus changed your life?

  7. Read John 10:10. Jesus hasn't just provided us eternal life, but fullness of life here and now. Why would you say walking with Jesus is the good way?

About 'Wake 2020'

In the year 2020, Wake is going to look a lot different. With so much changing in our world, we want to remind our students that some things stay the same. That even though our method may change, our mission remains the same. What does it look like to be Known & Accepted, Taught about Jesus, and Challenged to Grow in 2020?