High School Heroes Week 11: The Israelite Maid

High School Heroes

In the Bible, there are countless stories of teenagers with a heroic faith that led to a heroic way of living. There is so much teenagers of today can learn from the faithful teenagers of the past!

Jermaine HarrisonAug 5, 2020Dallas

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Discussion Questions:

• Who do you need to treat differently, even though they have mistreated you?
• Do you think others view you as a trustworthy person? Why or why not?
• What are some habits that you can put in place in your life to be a person of integrity, resulting in others trusting you?
• Would you say you’re ok with not being famous or celebrated? Why or why not?
• Who can you share the gospel with this week?

Heroic Principle: You don’t need notoriety to leave a lasting impression.

*Summary: *
Most teenagers have had the experience of being mistreated by others, or of being unnoticed. Unfortunately, those realities are a part of life, but God’s word offers guidance, direction, and hope. The Israelite teenage girl in 2 Kings 5 overcomes mistreatment to leave a lasting impact on the people she was mistreated by. There is so much to learn from her story and apply to our lives.

Key Takeaways:
• This story occurred during the era of the kings reigning over Israel before exile.
• There was continued unrest between Israel & Syria during this time. They Syrians would often conduct raids of Israel and take people captive.
• On one of these raids a young Israelite girl (likely a teenager) was taken and served as Naaman's (the Syrian army captain) wife's servant girl.
• We never learn this servant girl's name. She was in a foreign land, against her will.
• She responded in kindness toward her enemies by pointing them toward hope for healing that was available through the prophet of God.
• This young girl had gained a trustworthy reputation, or else Naaman wouldn’t listen to her.
• As quickly as the young girl enters the story, she exits the story in obscurity, but in her short time in the story, she left her mark for God.
• She was a missionary in a foreign land. Her boldness and courage led to others trusting & worshipping the one true God.
• She left a lasting impression despite her lack of notoriety. Though you might be obscure in the grand scheme of world history, you can play a pivotal role in God's version of history.

*Scripture: *
• 2 Kings 5:1-5
• Romans 12:17
• 2 Kings 5:15-17