High School Heroes Week 8: Samuel

High School Heroes

In the Bible, there are countless stories of teenagers with a heroic faith that led to a heroic way of living. There is so much teenagers of today can learn from the faithful teenagers of the past!

Jermaine HarrisonJul 15, 2020Dallas

Discussion Questions:

• What bad example are you currently following or are tempted to follow? How can you refocus your attention to the Lord, and to better examples?
• What are some ways that God might be calling you to serve people around you right now?
• What message of encouragement or challenge do you need to share with someone close to you?

Heroic Principle: You're never too young to seek & serve the Lord!

Most teenagers have been excluded from certain activities or experiences because of their age. For example, you have to be 16 years old to get your driver’s license. While age restrictions are wise and helpful in some areas of life, what is clear from God’s word is that you’re never too young to seek and serve the Lord! The story of Samuel’s childhood and call by God is a great example of this truth.

Key Takeaways:
• You’re never too young to walk in obedience to God’s word and way.
• As a boy and teenager seeking to follow and serve God, Samuel had terrible role models.
• Eli's two sons Hophni & Phinehas were disregarding the regulations of their role as spiritual leaders, taking advantage of people, disrespecting God, and sleeping with women who were not their wives.
• Bad examples are a reality, but you can choose who you follow.
• God speaks clearly to us through His word (the Bible), and uses other followers of His to help us discern God’s guidance.
• You’re never too young to serve God in meaningful ways.
• You’re never too young to be God’s messenger. Sometimes the message is really hard one to share, other times it’s really encouraging. In either case, we have the responsibility to be God’s messenger.

• I Samuel 2:12, 22
• I Samuel 2:18a
• I Samuel 3:10-11
• I Samuel 3:16-18