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Retold: Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet

Blake HolmesJun 28, 2020Dallas, Frisco

In This Series (3)
Retold: Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet
Blake HolmesJun 28, 2020Dallas, Frisco
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David MarvinJun 21, 2020Dallas
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Todd WagnerJun 14, 2020

Discussing and Applying the Sermon

  • What’s one way you can serve someone else this next week?
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When you are afraid or anxious, what is the first thing you think to do? Look out for yourself? While that’s what the world would tell you, Jesus gives us a completely different way to live. As we continue our series, Retold, Blake Holmes teaches through John 13:1-17 and the reminder that the Christian life is marked by surrender and service.

Key Takeaways

  • John 13:1-7 can be broken up into three parts: What Jesus knew (v1-3), what Jesus did (v4-11), and what Jesus expected (v12-17).
  • When Jesus was on earth as a man, He was never surprised or caught off guard. No one took His life; He laid it down on His own accord.
  • Jesus knew Judas was going to do what he did; He was fully aware the entire time.
  • Jesus is our Hope. While the cross was looming, He willingly walked toward it. He is the perfect sacrifice, and when we put our trust in Him, we experience freedom from bondage. We experience hope.
  • When Jesus washed the disciples’ feet, it was symbolic about His authority to forgive sin.
  • Unless we make a personal decision to trust in Christ, we cannot have any assurance that we will be with Him in heaven.
  • Jesus is our Savior. While we are justified in a moment, we are constantly being sanctified. We are fully washed when we trust in Christ, and then, the Christian life is marked by a daily surrender as we continue to become more like Him.
  • The Christian life is one of surrender. It starts by acknowledging who Jesus is and your need for Him.
  • Our greatest problem today is not financial, racial, or medical, it’s spiritual! If you are a Christian, you are an ambassador for Christ. You—the church, God’s people—are God’s “Plan A” and there is no “Plan B!”
  • In God’s economy, the path to greatness comes from serving others.
  • Jesus is our example. In a time of scarcity, fear, and anxiety, our flesh and the world tells us to look inward, to look out for ourselves. But Jesus has another message: He tells us to look outward, to surrender, and to serve others.

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