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Retold: Ruth and Naomi

David MarvinJun 21, 2020Dallas

In This Series (3)
Retold: Ruth and Naomi
David MarvinJun 21, 2020Dallas
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Derek MathewsJun 21, 2020Plano
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Todd WagnerJun 14, 2020

Discussing and Applying the Sermon

  • Where in your life are you prone to believe that God isn’t at work?
  • What hardships are you facing in this season? Have you shared them with your community group so they can pray for, encourage, and remind you of God’s truth?


Have you ever felt like you can’t see what God is up to? Have there been times where you know that He’s clearly at work, but you can’t see in the moment what He’s doing? As we continue our series, Retold, David Marvin teaches through the book of Ruth, showing us God is always at work, even when it doesn’t seem or look like it.

Key Takeaways

  • Ruth takes place during the same time period as the book of Judges, and there are three main characters: Boaz, Ruth, and Naomi.
  • Ruth is a beautiful but very difficult story involving pain, death, famine, romance, and redemption.
  • Ruth 1:16-17 is one of the most beautiful pictures of loyalty in the entire Bible.
  • God is at work in the details.
  • God is at work when it doesn’t look like it.
  • The first time the word hope is used in the Bible is in the book of Ruth.
  • While we live in a fallen world with viruses, shootings, and evil, there would be that many more of all of those if it weren’t for God at work.
  • Whenever bitter ingredients are in your life, when placed in the hands of a Master Creator, He can make them into something sweet.
  • God took a widow from a foreign land and made her the great (multiple generations) grandmother of Jesus.
  • If you will put whatever you are walking through into the hands of Jesus, He will make good out of it.

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