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One of the most often overlooked aspects of family life is the role that “fun” plays in fostering an environment conducive to the important work of parenting and discipleship. Joy, laughter, and memory making are not just the “extra-curricular” activities of parenting. They are essential components of healthy family life and evidence of the Spirit’s work in and through you. In this session of DadU, we explore how dads can take the lead in establishing “fun” as a core value of the family as well as why this is such an important aspect of our discipleship of our children. To view resources on this podcast, visit:

John McGeeFeb 4, 2020

Continue to look for ways to intentionally foster fun, laughter, and joy in our families in a way that is in itself discipleship and lays the relational foundation for the "less-than-fun" discipleship moments that are sure to come. Josh McDowell many years ago said, "Rules without relationship leads to rebellion." This is an important truth that resonates with the character and nature of God Himself who, in the person of Jesus, was described as "full of grace and truth". Our attention to fostering an environment of joy and delight is an essential part of being an accurate representative of our Heavenly Father to our children.


We'd encourage you to try one new idea with your family that would create a fun memory for you all. It could be as simple as a game of hide and seek or as elaborate as planning a summer adventure. Spend time talking with your spouse considering how your family is doing in this area, celebrating what is going well and considering what may need to be better. Reach out to the guys in your community group to share your plan with them and ask for accountability.

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