How to Be a Good Friend

You've Got a Friend in Me

God has designed us to be people who live in relationship with one another, and our friendships can be one of the most important parts of our lives. Yet, if we are being honest, friendships can be really difficult. Over the course of this three week series, You've Got a Friend in Me, we are going to look at God's Word and see His design for how we are to relate with those around us, how we can be a good friend, why good friends matter, and how to work through the difficulties that will arise in our friendships.

Sean HillJan 12, 2020

Discussion Questions

  1. Who was at Wake this weekend and can recap what we talked about?

  2. What do you think it means to have good friendships and to be a good friend?

  3. Read 1 Samuel 18:1-3. Moved by affection towards his friend, what does Jonathan do?
    -He makes a covenant with him, a binding commitment to his friend.

  4. Why do you think that commitment in your friendships is so important?
    -A willingness to make commitments and follow through on them is evidence of authentic love. (See Jesus).

  5. What hinders you from making and keeping commitments in your friendships?
    -Fear of missing out, fear of rejection, etc.

  6. Read 1 Samuel 18:4. After making his commitment to David, what does Jonathan do next?
    -Jonathan generously gives him all he has on him.

  7. Good friends give generously of themselves for the sake of others. Everyone read Philippians 2:3-11. How does this passage compel you to serve your friends?

  8. Read 1 Samuel 18:5. How did the people respond to David's successes?

  9. Read 1 Samuel 23:17. Jonathan, the rightful heir to the throne, willingly gives it to David instead. Are you able to rejoice and serve others even when they are the "King" and you're not?

  10. How can you be a better friend to those around you? How can David and Jonathan's friendship be a model for yours?