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Paul's Proof and Pride

In these chapters, we look at the reason and reality of Paul's claim as an apostle (11:1-33) and how they played out in his life. We also see Paul learn to boast in his weaknesses (12:1-10) and how God sometimes denies us our comfort in exchange for our closeness to Him.

Cynthia CulverDec 15, 2005
2 Corinthians 11 - 13

In This Series (7)
1 Corinthians 14: Love Does
Lucina ThompsonFeb 27, 2019
Paul's Proof and Pride
Cynthia CulverDec 15, 2005
Giving and Taking
Jennifer LewisDec 8, 2005
Expectations, Exchanges and Examples of a Believer
Cynthia CulverDec 1, 2005
Our Lives, His Letter/Suffering 101
Jennifer LewisNov 17, 2005
Comfort 101
Cynthia CulverNov 10, 2005
The Resurrection - Christ's and Ours
Jennifer LewisNov 2, 2005