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From potty training to training wheels to table manners to driver’s education, the journey of parenting is one sprawling training ground after another. In all of those, there is no area of our child’s development more crucial than the maturing of their spiritual lives. At this month’s DadU, we will take a look at the key role we play as dads in training up our children in the “discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4). We will seek to remove some of the mystery from spiritual discipleship and equip you with the tools necessary to help you to be faithful with your God-given role as the spiritual leader in your home. To view resources on this podcast, visit:

Wes ButlerOct 15, 2019


As we seek to put these principles into practice, here are a couple of ways you can take a small step of obedience:
1. Family Discipleship Plan -- Continue discussing with your family the Family Discipleship Plan, specifically focusing on the TRAIN section. Questions you'll want to ask as you process this section would be things like "What is our plan for spiritual training in this season?", "Who are our kids and what are their unique strengths and weaknesses that we see and want to consider in our training?" and "When are the times of day we have opportunities to redeem for spiritual training?"
2. Watermark Kids & Student Resources -- Make a point of utilizing the Watermark Kids & Student ministry resources made available each and every week. These resources provide simple, lay-up discipleship moments for you to use at home, unique to each life stage: Preschool Blog, Elementary Blog, Wake (6th-8th grades) Curriculum, and the Shoreline App (9th-12th grades). (TIP: You can subscribe to receive the Preschool and Elementary blog in your inbox).


In addition to the Watermark resources, there were a number of other resources mentioned in today's talk centered around various spiritual disciplines. Here are a few you may want to check out.

Bible Reading:
* The Jesus Storybook Bible
* The Action Bible
* The Action Bible Study Bible (ESV)
* The ESV Student Study Bible

Scripture Memory:
* Seeds Family Worship (Scripture set to music) -- available on iTunes, Spotify, etc.
* Fighter Verse App

* Pray the Word Podcast

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