Part 1: Evaluating Your Value

Body Image

Who is determining YOUR value? The CULTURE or the CREATOR? It matters because who you believe determines what you believe. Anything that you put your value in apart from God will ultimately bring chaos and dissatisfaction. God's purpose for you is far greater than the culture's. His purpose for you is holiness not thinness.

Cynthia CulverJan 18, 2007

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Part 1: Evaluating Your Value
Cynthia CulverJan 18, 2007

About 'Body Image'

Are you tired of trying to find your security and significance in what you see in the mirror, the number on the scale or what's hanging in your closet? Are you confused by all the different messages our society sends about how to attain the perfect body? Are you tired of the obsession with it all? You are not alone. Many women in our culture struggle with an obsession involving their appearance but rarely apply biblical principles to this area of their lives. God?s Word speaks directly to this issue and by knowing His Word, understanding His Will and walking in His Ways, will you live in the joy and freedom God intends. We pray that as you listen to this series, you will find the hope and practical tools that allow you to take the next steps towards true freedom.