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What a Crazy Life Communicates to Others

There's leanness in the souls of a lot of people and it shouldn't surprise us that folks who haven't found a loving, gracious master have lean souls. But what have we to say as people who claim to have been set free from the ways of the world when we're caught up in the same currents of busyness, of anxiety, of discouragement, of being as overwhelmed and stressed and depressed as they are? The world that's looking for a way out will look a lot of places but not to us when they see us swimming along with them, fighting the current of life as they are. They won't know that Jesus is who He said He was, and they will not look to Him as King. And they will not be able to come to the One who looks to comfort them the way that He's offered to comfort us. There's a lot at stake.

Todd WagnerSep 10, 2006

Messages In This Series (3)
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Todd WagnerSep 24, 2006
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Todd WagnerSep 17, 2006
What a Crazy Life Communicates to Others
Todd WagnerSep 10, 2006

About 'By Still Waters'

Deadlines. Schedules. Blackberries. Meetings. PTA. Soccer practice. It sounds almost trite to say that our lives are busy and hectic. But could our overloaded schedules be a symptom of a more serious problem? Could being overbooked and under-rested have deeper spiritual implications? In this series Todd Wagner examines what a lack of peace produces in us, how it impedes our ability to effectively communicate the character of God to the world around us, and what we need to do to find that "peace that passes understanding".