Extraordinary Men, Ordinary Failures: King Solomon

Extraordinary Men, Ordinary Failures

King Solomon was an extraordinary man - he was the son of King David and Bathsheba, the third king over Israel, was given incredible wisdom and wealth from the Lord, and built the temple where God dwelt. Even with all these things to his credit, Solomon failed to finish strong because his heart had been turned away from the Lord. The crowning glory of a believer's life is a strong finish, so we must be diligent to follow the Lord daily. Observe Solomon's example and learn how to avoid many of his pitfalls.

Blake HolmesJul 27, 20031 Kings 11:1-13

About 'Extraordinary Men, Ordinary Failures'

What do Saul, David, Solomon and Rehoboam all have in common? They were all extraordinary kings of Israel. Unfortunately, they also made some very ordinary failures. Do you ever struggle with people-pleasing? Have you ever felt let down by someone you trusted? Have you ever felt like giving up? Do you long for the wise counsel of others? If so, this series is for you because truly extraordinary people are those who learn from their very ordinary failures.