Don't Waste Another Year! Use What God Has Given You

2000 Messages

As Christians, we have all been given gifts that God intends for us to use as we serve others in the church. Do you know how you have been gifted and are you using that gift? And are you aware of the consequences of failing to serve in the ways God has prepared you? Ephesians 4 gives some very clear instruction on the gifts that are available to the body of Christ.

Scott CoyDec 31, 2000

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Don't Waste Another Year! Use What God Has Given You
Scott CoyDec 31, 2000
Overcoming the Scarecrow of Fear
James SkinnerOct 22, 2000
Love, Serve, Reach and Learn: Community at Watermark
Kyle KaiglerOct 15, 2000
God is Faithful, and We're Not Crazy - A Look Back at the Last 10 Months
Todd WagnerSep 10, 2000
Who Do You Say That I Am?
Walter NusbaumSep 3, 2000Matthew 16:13-16
On Your Mark - Do Your Part
Todd WagnerAug 20, 2000
Getting Serious About Joy
Randy YounglingJul 9, 2000
Soil Analysis for Growth
Randy YounglingJul 2, 2000Matthew 13:1-9,18-23
What Kind Of Father Are You Going To Be & What Kind He Is
Todd WagnerJun 18, 2000
Watermark Community Ministry - Connecting Ordinary People to Extraordinary Life
Todd WagnerJun 11, 2000
The Prodigal Son
Mark DaneJun 4, 2000Luke 15:11-32
Repentance: Change That Restores Relationships
Mark DaneMay 28, 2000
Don't Play Favorites: The Story of Larry & Richard
James SkinnerApr 30, 2000James 2:1-13
Easter: 3 Great Days That Answer the 3 Great Questions
Todd WagnerApr 23, 2000
Praying Through Gifts I'd Give My Children
Todd WagnerFeb 27, 2000
Peter: A Man Blinded by Passion, Samson: A Man Blinded By Strength
Walter NusbaumFeb 13, 2000
How to Fight to the Better End (Gift #10)
Todd WagnerFeb 6, 2000
An Expectation to be Something Great (Gift #9)
Todd WagnerJan 30, 2000
Friends Worth Having (Gift #8)
Todd WagnerJan 23, 2000
Relevance, Innovation, and Flexibility (Gift #7)
Todd WagnerJan 16, 2000
The Philippian Diet
Todd WagnerJan 9, 2000

In This Series (21)

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