The Person God Uses

2002 Messages

With Rahab as the given example, we see that God uses flawed people to accomplish extraordinary things. Considering the reasons we have to reject God's calling in our life, why should we accept His invitation?

Scott CoyDec 8, 2002Joshua 2
Joshua 2

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What's Your Excuse for Not Getting Busy?
James SkinnerDec 29, 2002Exodus 3:7 - 4:12
Christmas: The Personal Sacrifice
Todd WagnerDec 24, 2002
Christmas: The Personal Responsibility
Todd WagnerDec 22, 20022 Kings 7
Christmas: The Personal Relationship
Todd WagnerDec 15, 2002
The Person God Uses
Scott CoyDec 8, 2002Joshua 2
Moving Beyond Connection to Intentional Community
Kyle KaiglerDec 1, 20021 Corinthians 1:26-31; 2:1-5, 12
The Significance of Shepherding God's People
Kyle KaiglerNov 24, 2002Ezekiel 34
Four Fools on a Stool, part 2 - What Happens When We Avoid Community
Todd WagnerNov 17, 2002
Four Fools on a Stool, part 1 - Why We Avoid Community
Todd WagnerNov 10, 2002
Our Place (Literally and Figuratively) and Our Goal...Looking Back and Looking Ahead
Todd WagnerAug 18, 2002
Lessons on Leadership from the Life of Rehoboam
Todd AndersJun 9, 20021 Kings 12
Insights on Leadership from Peter, Paul and Mary
Todd AndersJun 2, 2002
God's Grace: A Memorial to an Unknown Woman
James SkinnerMay 26, 2002Luke 7:36-50
What You Didn't Learn in School
Scott CoyApr 14, 2002Romans 8
Live Out Loud
Brett JohnstonFeb 24, 2002Romans 12:1
Running Our Fingers Through the Wool: A Chance to Evaluate
Todd WagnerJan 6, 2002

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