Is There Such A Thing As An Unforgivable Sin?

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Is there such a thing as an unforgivable sin? We answer that question on this episode of Real Truth. Real Quick.

Todd WagnerOct 11, 2015

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Episode 1: Prayer of Jabez, Passion Translation, 1 Corinthians 11:10, and Transgender Pronouns
Todd WagnerAug 3, 2020
What Is the Sin in 1 John 5:16 That “Leads to Death”?
Todd WagnerMar 9, 2020
Is Jesus Contradicting Himself in Mark 9:40 and Matthew 12:30?
Todd WagnerMar 2, 2020
Does Matthew 5:29-30 Literally Mean We Should Gouge Out Our Eyes If They Cause Us To Sin?
Todd WagnerFeb 24, 2020
What Is the Meaning of Jesus’ Teaching in John 13:10?
Todd WagnerFeb 10, 2020
What Does Jesus Mean When He Says, “Let the Dead Bury Their Own Dead” In Matthew 8:22?
Todd WagnerFeb 3, 2020
Can I Count on the Promise of Jeremiah 29:11?
Todd WagnerJan 27, 2020
Are Prayers More Effective Where Two or Three Are Gathered?
Todd WagnerJan 20, 2020
What Is Promise Keepers and Why Is It Coming Back?
Todd WagnerJan 13, 2020
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Dec 30, 2019
Are There Different Levels of Sin?
Todd WagnerDec 23, 2019
Should a Local Church Have a Higher Standard For Membership Than Membership in Heaven?
Todd WagnerDec 9, 2019
What Does It Mean to “Train up a Child in the Way He Should Go”?
Todd WagnerDec 2, 2019
What Is a Biblical View of How To Discipline My Children?
Todd WagnerNov 25, 2019
How Should I Respond if My Child Says They Want to Change Their Gender?
Todd WagnerNov 18, 2019
How Should Christians Respond to the Case of James Younger?
Todd WagnerNov 11, 2019
What Should We Make of Kanye’s Profession of Faith and Celebrity Conversions in General?
Todd WagnerNov 1, 2019
What Does It Mean to Fear the Lord?
Todd WagnerOct 28, 2019
Is It Okay for Christians to Watch Horror Movies?
Todd WagnerOct 14, 2019
How Do I Know Who God Wants Me to Marry?
Todd WagnerOct 7, 2019
What Is God’s Will for My Life?
Todd WagnerSep 30, 2019
What Does It Mean That An Elder Must Be the Husband of One Wife?
Todd WagnerSep 16, 2019
What Is the Biggest Mistake Most Parents Make?
Todd WagnerSep 9, 2019
If I Ask, Seek, and Knock Will It Be Given to Me? (Matthew 7:7)
Todd WagnerAug 26, 2019
When a Leader Fails, How Long Until They Can Be Restored to Ministry?
Todd WagnerAug 19, 2019
Can Someone Do the Work of the Lord and Not Be Saved?
Todd WagnerAug 12, 2019
What Is the Golden Rule and Is It in the Bible?
Todd WagnerAug 5, 2019
What Does Proverbs 14:4 Mean?
Todd WagnerJul 29, 2019
Was Jesus Teaching Pacifism in Matthew 5:38-42?
Todd WagnerJul 22, 2019
Can the Bible Be Trusted?
Todd WagnerJul 15, 2019
How Old Is The Earth?
Todd WagnerJul 8, 2019
Why Does God Seek to Kill Moses in Exodus 4:24?
Todd WagnerJul 1, 2019
What Is The Meaning of Jesus' Exception Clause in Matthew 19:9?
Todd WagnerJun 24, 2019
Does Acts 2:42-47 Teach Socialism?
Todd WagnerJun 17, 2019
Should My Elders Pray Over Me If I Am Sick?
Todd WagnerJun 10, 2019
Can You Be a Christian and Not Be Part of a Local Church?
Todd WagnerJun 3, 2019
Is it Okay to Be Angry at God?
Todd WagnerMay 27, 2019
How Do I Become A Christian?
Todd WagnerMay 20, 2019
What Does It Mean in Ephesians 6:18 to Pray at All Times in the Spirit?
Todd WagnerMay 6, 2019
What Does Jesus Mean When He Says to Hate Your Family in Luke 14:26?
Todd WagnerApr 29, 2019
Should Anyone Else Know What I Give?
Todd WagnerApr 22, 2019
Should I Share My Financial Details With Others?
Todd WagnerApr 15, 2019
Is Watermark Community Church a Cult?
Todd WagnerApr 8, 2019
How Much of Your Life Do You Share on Social Media?
Todd WagnerMar 25, 2019
How Do I Talk to My Kids About Sex?
Todd WagnerMar 18, 2019
What Are Three Questions Good Friends Should Always Ask?
Todd WagnerMar 11, 2019
What Is One of the Best Ways to Judge the Health of a Nation?
Todd WagnerMar 4, 2019
What Is One of the Biggest Mistakes a Pastor Can Make?
Todd WagnerFeb 25, 2019
Why Should Christians Serve?
Todd WagnerFeb 18, 2019
What Makes a Good Testimony?
Todd WagnerFeb 11, 2019
What Are Altar Calls, and Are They Biblical?
Todd WagnerFeb 4, 2019
How Can I Find A Mentor?
Todd WagnerJan 28, 2019
Is the Enneagram Helpful, Harmless, or Heresy?
Todd WagnerJan 21, 2019
What Was the First Threat to the Gospel?
Todd WagnerJan 14, 2019
How Can I Talk To My Children About LGBTQ Issues?
Todd WagnerJan 7, 2019
What Is "Join The Journey"?
Todd WagnerDec 31, 2018
What Are The Top 5 Episodes Of 2018?
Todd Wagner, Adam TarnowDec 17, 2018
Why Did Jesus Despise Christmas and All That It Led To?
Todd WagnerDec 10, 2018
Shouldn't a Woman Have the Right to Control Her Own Body?
Todd WagnerDec 3, 2018
Can I Believe In Jesus and Not Be Saved?
Todd WagnerNov 12, 2018
Should Abortion Be Allowed In Cases of Rape?
Todd WagnerNov 5, 2018
Is God Anti-Gay?
Todd Wagner, Sam AllberryOct 29, 2018
Should Christians Be Single Issue Voters?
Todd WagnerOct 22, 2018
Why Should Christians Care About Abortion?
Todd WagnerOct 15, 2018
How Should a Christian View Dieting and Exercise?
Todd WagnerOct 8, 2018
What Did Jesus Mean When He said, "The Eye is the Lamp of the Body"?
Todd WagnerOct 1, 2018
Is It Okay to Have Breast Augmentation Surgery?
Todd WagnerSep 24, 2018
What is the Awaken Conference?
Todd WagnerSep 18, 2018
Are Family Curses Real?
Todd WagnerSep 10, 2018
What is "Adulting"?
Todd WagnerSep 3, 2018
What Is the Apocrypha?
Todd WagnerAug 27, 2018
How Can the Church Reach the Next Generation?
Todd WagnerAug 20, 2018
Is Debt a Sin?
Todd WagnerAug 13, 2018
If I'm in Debt, Should I Still Tithe?
Todd WagnerAug 6, 2018
How Can I Overcome a Pornography Addiction?
Todd WagnerJul 27, 2018
How Can I Tell If I'm Addicted to Pornography?
Todd WagnerJul 20, 2018
If Pornography Does Not Hurt Anyone, Why Is It a Problem?
Todd WagnerJul 14, 2018
What Is the Difference Between Unconditional Love and Enabling?
Todd WagnerJul 6, 2018
If I Was Baptized As a Child, Should I Be Baptized Again As an Adult?
Todd WagnerJun 30, 2018
How Do I Know If I Am Saved?
Todd WagnerJun 22, 2018
What Is Hope Story?
Todd Wagner, Rick SmithJun 15, 2018
What is Compassion Fatigue?
Todd Wagner, Gary HaugenJun 8, 2018
What Is a Widow "Indeed?"
Todd WagnerJun 1, 2018
Is It Okay for a Christian to Date a Non-christian?
Todd WagnerMay 25, 2018
What Does It Mean to Have Your Life Hidden With Christ in God? (Colossians 3:3)
Todd WagnerMay 4, 2018
What Can Christians Do Locally to Fight Global Injustice?
Todd Wagner, Gary HaugenMay 4, 2018
Is Modern Slavery Real?
Todd Wagner, Gary HaugenMay 4, 2018
What Is the Great Commission?
Todd WagnerApr 21, 2018
Is God Ever Pleased When a Church Shuts Down?
Todd WagnerApr 13, 2018
Why Did Jesus Curse the Fig Tree in Mark 11?
Todd WagnerApr 6, 2018
Are Near Death Experiences Real?
Todd WagnerMar 23, 2018
Does BDSM Have a Place in a Healthy Christian Marriage?
Todd WagnerMar 16, 2018
What Should I Do If I Find Myself in a Sexless Marriage?
Todd WagnerMar 9, 2018
How Much Influence Should Your In-laws Have in Your Marriage?
Todd WagnerMar 2, 2018
What Does It Mean to Be in Biblical Community?
Todd WagnerFeb 23, 2018
Will We Recognize People We Knew on Earth in Heaven?
Todd WagnerFeb 16, 2018
What Does It Mean That Our Days Are Ordained by God, and Does Suicide Have an Effect on It?
Todd WagnerFeb 9, 2018
Why Does Paul Say, "Those Who Have Wives Should Live As Though They Had None"?
Todd WagnerFeb 2, 2018
Why Does Watermark's Membership Reset Every Year?
Todd WagnerJan 26, 2018
What Is a Biblical Response to the #MeToo Movement?
Todd WagnerJan 19, 2018
What Does It Mean to Take the Lord's Name in Vain?
Todd WagnerJan 5, 2018
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What Is the Gift of Prophecy?
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Should Christians Use Curse Words?
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Was Martin Luther Anti-Semitic?
Todd Wagner, Eric MetaxasNov 10, 2017
Why Did Todd Wagner Write the Book "Come & See"?
Todd WagnerNov 3, 2017
What is the Reformation and Why Does it Matter?
Todd Wagner, Eric MetaxasOct 27, 2017
Are Ghosts Real?
Todd WagnerOct 20, 2017
Who Were the Nephilim in Genesis 6?
Todd WagnerOct 6, 2017
How Should We Respond to Praise from Others?
Todd WagnerSep 29, 2017
What Is The Gospel?
Todd WagnerSep 22, 2017
What Is the Nashville Statement and Why Is It Needed?
Todd WagnerSep 15, 2017
Why Does God Allow Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and Other Natural Disasters?
Todd WagnerSep 8, 2017
What is a Biblical Response to the Confederate Monument Controversy?
Todd WagnerAug 25, 2017
Can Satan Be Bound?
Todd WagnerAug 18, 2017
How Much Power Does Satan Have?
Todd WagnerAug 11, 2017
How Were People Saved in the Old Testament?
Todd WagnerAug 4, 2017
Why Does the Bible Say, "Jacob I Loved and Esau I Hated?"
Todd WagnerJul 28, 2017
According to the Bible, Should a Mom Work?
Todd WagnerJul 21, 2017
What Does the Bible Say About Slavery?
Todd WagnerJul 14, 2017
Should a Christian Say the Pledge of Allegiance?
Todd WagnerJun 30, 2017
Is the King James Version of the Bible the Most Accurate Translation?
Todd WagnerJun 23, 2017
How Do I Respond to the Claim of a Jehovah's Witness That Jesus Is Not God?
Todd WagnerJun 16, 2017
Is Jesus God?
Todd WagnerJun 9, 2017
What Is Onanism, and Is It a Sin?
Todd WagnerJun 2, 2017
How Should a Christian View Physician Assisted Suicide?
Joni Eareckson Tada, Todd WagnerMay 26, 2017
Is it Ever Appropriate to Use Sarcasm?
Todd WagnerMay 19, 2017
Is Masturbation a Sin?
Todd WagnerMay 12, 2017
If I Have Enough Faith Will God Heal Me?
Todd Wagner, Joni Eareckson TadaMay 5, 2017
How Do I Disciple Someone?
Todd WagnerApr 28, 2017
Is There a Biblical "Right and Wrong" On Everything?
Todd Wagner, Russell MooreApr 21, 2017
What Should Christians Do With Easter Baskets, Bunnies, and Egg Hunts?
Todd WagnerApr 14, 2017
Where Did Jesus Go Between His Death and Resurrection?
Todd WagnerApr 7, 2017
Why Doesn't Watermark Have a Missions Department?
Todd WagnerMar 31, 2017
Should Christians Observe Lent?
Todd WagnerMar 24, 2017
Is the LGBTQ Movement the New Civil Rights Movement?
Todd Wagner, Russell MooreMar 18, 2017
How Should I Respond to Difficult Surprises in Life?
Todd WagnerMar 10, 2017
Are Christians Losing the Culture War?
Todd WagnerMar 5, 2017
Are Christians Losing the Culture War?
Todd Wagner, Russell MooreMar 3, 2017
How Can a Christian Overcome Guilt and Shame?
Todd WagnerFeb 26, 2017
Should I Give My Child An iPhone Or iPad?
Todd Wagner, Russell MooreFeb 19, 2017
Should Christians Be A Part Of Interfaith Activities?
Todd WagnerFeb 12, 2017
Is The Shack A Christian Story?
Todd WagnerFeb 5, 2017
What Is An Easy Way To Memorize Scripture?
Todd WagnerJan 29, 2017
A Behind the Scenes Look at Real Truth. Real Quick.
Todd WagnerJan 22, 2017
What Is An Easy Way To Defend The Pro-Life Position?
Todd WagnerJan 15, 2017
What Are The Most Viewed Episodes From 2016?
Todd WagnerDec 25, 2016
How To Have A Great Christmas?
Todd WagnerDec 25, 2016
Should A Christian Pray To Mary?
Todd WagnerDec 18, 2016
Should An Aborted Fetus Be Buried?
Todd WagnerDec 11, 2016
What Makes God Laugh?
Todd WagnerDec 4, 2016
Should Christians Support Gay Conversion Therapy?
Todd WagnerNov 13, 2016
Has The Church Failed The LGBTQ Community?
Todd WagnerNov 13, 2016
Is It Okay For A Protestant To Marry A Catholic?
Todd WagnerNov 6, 2016
What's The Best Way To Start Off A Marriage?
Todd WagnerOct 30, 2016
Should A Christian Vote For Donald Trump Or Hillary Clinton?
Todd WagnerOct 16, 2016
Is It Important That I Go To The Same Church As The Person I Am Dating?
Todd WagnerOct 16, 2016
How Much Should I Spend On My Wedding?
Todd WagnerOct 9, 2016
How Many Children Should A Christian Family Have?
Todd WagnerOct 2, 2016
Should A Christian Be Involved In Politics?
Todd WagnerSep 25, 2016
Will There Be Temptation In Heaven?
Todd WagnerSep 18, 2016
Why Did God Harden Pharaoh's Heart?
Todd WagnerSep 18, 2016
Where Did Cain and Seth's Wives Come From?
Todd WagnerSep 18, 2016
Will There Be Temptation In Heaven?
Todd WagnerSep 2, 2016
What Does It Mean To "Guard Your Heart?"
Todd WagnerAug 26, 2016
Does Every Person Have A Guardian Angel?
Todd WagnerAug 19, 2016
Is The Teaching Of Purgatory Biblical?
Todd WagnerAug 11, 2016
How Should People Who Love God Set Their Priorities?
Todd WagnerJul 31, 2016
Do I Have To Be Baptized To Go To Heaven?
Todd WagnerJul 31, 2016
What Does It Mean To Leave And Cleave And Become One Flesh?
Todd WagnerJul 15, 2016
What Is The Biblical Response To #BlackLivesMatter?
Todd WagnerJul 8, 2016
Should A Christian Tithe?
Todd WagnerJun 29, 2016
Why Doesn't God Stop Mass Shootings and Terrorists?
Todd WagnerJun 23, 2016
Are Tongues A Private Prayer Language?
Todd WagnerJun 18, 2016
What Is The Gift Of Tongues?
Todd WagnerJun 6, 2016
How Do You Respond To A Friend Experiencing A Tragedy Or Crisis?
Todd WagnerJun 2, 2016
What Does It Mean To Have A Relationship With God?
Todd WagnerMay 27, 2016
Should Christians Participate in Boycotts?
Todd WagnerMay 12, 2016
How Should I Respond To A Foolish Person?
Todd WagnerMay 12, 2016
What Is The Trinity?
Todd WagnerMay 6, 2016
Is It Okay For A Christian To Do Yoga?
Todd WagnerApr 22, 2016
Is It Okay For A Christian To Be Angry At God?
Todd WagnerApr 15, 2016
Is It Okay To Take Medication For Depression and Anxiety?
Todd WagnerApr 9, 2016
How Should A Christian Vote If They Don't Agree With Either Candidate?
Todd WagnerApr 3, 2016
What Does It Mean To Be A Man After God's Own Heart?
Todd WagnerMar 20, 2016
How Do I Start A Hard Conversation?
Todd WagnerMar 13, 2016
What Is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?
Todd WagnerMar 6, 2016
What Does The Bible Mean When It Says, "You Do Not Have Because You Do Not Ask"?
Todd WagnerMar 6, 2016
What Is The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit?
Todd WagnerFeb 28, 2016
What Does It Mean To "Overlook A Minor Offense"?
Todd WagnerFeb 21, 2016
Is It Okay For A Christian To Read The Quran?
Todd WagnerFeb 14, 2016
What Happens To People Who Have Never Heard The Gospel?
Todd WagnerFeb 7, 2016
Do You Have To Forget To Forgive?
Todd WagnerJan 30, 2016
Are Mormons Christian?
Todd WagnerJan 23, 2016
What's A Biblical View of Cremation?
Todd WagnerJan 17, 2016
Is It Okay For A Christian To Go To A Counselor?
Todd WagnerJan 3, 2016
How Much Of A Church's Budget Should Go To Missions?
Todd WagnerDec 20, 2015
What's A Biblical View Of Saving For Retirement?
Todd WagnerDec 13, 2015
Should I Send My Child To Public, Private, Or Home School?
Todd WagnerDec 7, 2015
What Is A Fully Devoted Follower Of Christ?
Todd WagnerNov 30, 2015
What's A Biblical Response To The Syrian Refugee Crisis?
Todd WagnerNov 20, 2015
Why Are So Many People Talking About Starbucks' Red Cups?
Todd WagnerNov 14, 2015
Why Is Watermark Doing A Church Leaders Conference?
Todd WagnerNov 7, 2015
Was Jonah Really Swallowed By A Whale?
Todd WagnerNov 1, 2015
Is It Ever Okay For A Christian To Take An Oath?
Todd WagnerOct 25, 2015
Should Women Submit To Men?
Todd WagnerOct 18, 2015
Is There Such A Thing As An Unforgivable Sin?
Todd WagnerOct 11, 2015
Is There Such A Thing As An Unforgivable Sin?
Todd WagnerOct 9, 2015
Should We Take Communion Every Week?
Todd WagnerSep 26, 2015
If I've Already Confessed To God, Do I Need To Confess To Others?
Todd WagnerSep 4, 2015
How Do I Respond When My Company Asks Me To Do Something I Don't Agree With?
Todd WagnerSep 4, 2015
When Is The World Going To End?
Todd WagnerSep 1, 2015
What Should You Say (Or Not Say) To A Parent Of A Child With Down Syndrome?
Todd WagnerSep 1, 2015
Is It Okay To Do In Vitro Fertilization?
Todd WagnerAug 23, 2015
Can I Live With My Boyfriend/Girlfriend If We're Not Having Sex?
Todd WagnerAug 16, 2015
What Is The Role Of Women In Ministry?
Todd WagnerAug 8, 2015
How Do I Know If I Should Go Into Vocational Ministry?
Todd WagnerAug 1, 2015
What's A Christian Response To The Confederate Flag Controversy?
Todd WagnerJul 25, 2015
What Does It Mean To "Take Up Your Cross?"
Todd WagnerJul 19, 2015
Will My Pet Go To Heaven?
Todd WagnerJul 12, 2015
Can Believers Remarry After A Divorce?
Todd WagnerJul 5, 2015
Is It Ever Okay To Get A Divorce?
Todd WagnerJun 21, 2015
What Does The Bible Say About Covenant Membership And Church Discipline?
Todd WagnerJun 14, 2015
Is It Ever Okay To Lie?
Todd WagnerJun 7, 2015
Why Go To Church When I Can Watch Online?
Todd WagnerMay 31, 2015
How Do I Choose A Church?
Todd WagnerMay 24, 2015
What Do I Say To My Friend Who Keeps On Sinning?
Todd WagnerMay 17, 2015
What Happens To Us Between Our Death And Resurrection?
Todd WagnerMay 10, 2015
Should I Leave An Inheritance To My Children?
Todd WagnerMay 2, 2015
Why Does The Church Talk So Much About Homosexuality And Gay Marriage?
Todd WagnerApr 26, 2015
What Does The Bible Mean When It Says, "Judge Not, Lest You Be Judged?"
Todd WagnerApr 19, 2015
How Should A Christian View The Religious Freedom Restoration Act?
Todd WagnerApr 12, 2015
Are People In Heaven Aware Of What Happens Today On Earth?
Todd WagnerApr 5, 2015
Where Is Heaven?
Todd WagnerMar 31, 2015
Will We Have Sex In Heaven?
Todd WagnerMar 22, 2015
How Do I Talk To My Friends About Jesus?
Todd WagnerMar 15, 2015
Do Babies That Die Go To Heaven?
Todd WagnerMar 8, 2015
What's The Biblical View On Dinosaurs?
Todd WagnerMar 1, 2015
Is Hell Forever?
Todd WagnerFeb 22, 2015
Is It Okay For A Christian To Go See Fifty Shades Of Grey?
Todd WagnerFeb 15, 2015
Should I Pray In Jesus' Name?
Todd WagnerFeb 8, 2015
Does Genesis 1:29 Mean That We Should All Be Vegetarian?
Todd WagnerFeb 1, 2015
Is The Death Penalty Biblical?
Todd WagnerJan 25, 2015
What Do I Do When I Don't Feel Close To God?
Todd WagnerJan 11, 2015
What Can I Do To Make This The Best Year Of My Life?
Todd WagnerJan 4, 2015
How Can God Be Sovereign And We Still Have Free Will?
Todd WagnerDec 1, 2014
What Is Calvinism?
Todd WagnerNov 23, 2014
Why Do Christians Ignore Other Old Testament Laws But Condemn Homosexuality?
Todd WagnerNov 16, 2014
What's A Christian Response To Death With Dignity?
Todd WagnerNov 7, 2014
What Is The Rapture?
Todd WagnerOct 26, 2014
Do Miracles Happen Today Like They Did In The Bible?
Todd WagnerOct 19, 2014
Should A Christian Go To A Haunted House?
Todd WagnerOct 12, 2014
Should I Worry About The Ebola Virus?
Todd WagnerOct 5, 2014
What Clothing Should I Wear To Church?
Todd WagnerSep 28, 2014
Is It Ok For A Christian To Get A Tattoo?
Todd WagnerSep 21, 2014
Is It Ok To Wear A Bikini?
Todd WagnerSep 14, 2014
Is There An unforgivable Sin?
Todd WagnerSep 7, 2014
Does A Person Who Commits Suicide Go To Heaven?
Todd WagnerAug 31, 2014
What Does The Bible Say About Suicide?
Todd WagnerAug 24, 2014
How Do You Respond To A Friend That Believes They Are Transgender?
Todd WagnerAug 17, 2014
Why Does The Bible Say Jesus Grew In Wisdom If He Is God?
Todd WagnerAug 10, 2014
Is It Ok For A Teenager To Date?
Todd WagnerAug 3, 2014
How Do I Respond To My Parents Who Don't Support My Faith?
Todd WagnerJul 27, 2014
Does A Church Have To Have A Cross On Its Building?
Todd WagnerJul 20, 2014
Is It Ok For A Christian To Marry Someone Of A Different Race?
Todd WagnerJul 13, 2014
Is It Ok For A Christian To Read Their Horoscope?
Todd WagnerJul 6, 2014
Is It Ok For A Christian To Attend A Gay Friend's Wedding?
Todd WagnerJun 29, 2014
How Far Is Too Far In A Dating Relationship?
Todd WagnerJun 22, 2014
Is It Ok For A Christian To Get A Prenuptial Agreement?
Todd WagnerJun 15, 2014
What's The Best Bible Translation?
Todd WagnerJun 13, 2014
Can God Change His Mind?
Todd WagnerJun 8, 2014
Is It Ever Ok For A Christian To Sue Someone?
Todd WagnerJun 1, 2014
How Do I Have A Conversation With People Who Don't Agree With My Faith?
Todd WagnerMay 25, 2014
Can You Give Me A Compelling Way To Talk With Others About The Difficult Issue Of Abortion?
Todd WagnerMay 18, 2014
What Do I Say To My Christian Friend Who Is Engaged To A Non-Christian?
Todd WagnerMay 11, 2014
Should Christians Baptize Their Babies?
Todd WagnerMay 4, 2014
Why Did God Allow Polygamy In The Bible?
Todd WagnerApr 27, 2014
How Can We Be Sure That The Resurrection Happened?
Todd WagnerApr 20, 2014
Is It Ok To Have Doubts About My Faith?
Todd WagnerApr 13, 2014
How Do I Know If I Have The Holy Spirit In Me?
Todd WagnerApr 6, 2014
Is It Ever Ok For A Christian To Gamble?
Todd WagnerMar 30, 2014
Is It Ok For A Christian To Work At A Night Club, A Bar, Or A Place Like Hooters?
Todd WagnerMar 23, 2014
World Down Syndrome Day 2014 Special Edition
Todd WagnerMar 21, 2014
Is It Ok To Abort My Child If Prenatal Testing Reveals He May Be Born With Special Needs?
Todd WagnerMar 16, 2014
Why Is It Front Page News When A Celebrity Announces He Is Gay?
Todd WagnerMar 2, 2014
Is It Ok For Christians To Use Dating Websites
Todd WagnerFeb 23, 2014
Is It Ok For A Christian To Smoke Recreational Marijuana
Todd WagnerFeb 23, 2014
Should A Christian Give Money To The Man On The Corner?
Todd WagnerFeb 16, 2014
What's A Loving Response When A Friend Tells Me They Are Gay?
Todd WagnerFeb 9, 2014
Should Christians Fast?
Todd WagnerFeb 9, 2014
What Should I Do If I'm A Christian In A Premarital, Sexual Relationship?
Todd WagnerFeb 2, 2014
Is It A Sin To Not Read Your Bible?
Todd WagnerJan 19, 2014
What's The Best Bible Translation?
Todd WagnerJan 12, 2014
Is Christian Hip-Hop UnChristian?
Todd WagnerJan 7, 2014
What Book Of The Bible Should I Read First?
Todd WagnerJan 5, 2014
How Should I Talk To My Kids About Santa Claus?
Todd WagnerDec 22, 2013
Is It Ok For Christians To Have A Christmas Tree?
Todd WagnerDec 15, 2013
Is It Ok For Christians To Celebrate Christmas?
Todd WagnerDec 8, 2013
How Do I Know God's Will For My Life?
Todd WagnerDec 1, 2013
Can I Lose My Salvation?
Todd WagnerNov 25, 2013
Where Did Evil Originate From If Everything God Created, Including Satan, Is Good?
Todd WagnerNov 18, 2013
Is It Wrong For Christians To Drink Alcohol?
Todd WagnerNov 18, 2013
Why Pray If God Already Knows Everything Anyway?
Todd WagnerNov 4, 2013
Should Christians Participate In Halloween?
Todd WagnerOct 29, 2013
What Is Real Truth Real Quick?
Todd WagnerOct 27, 2013

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