Racial Reconciliation: A History, A Biblical Perspective, and A Response

Training Day 2017

On Saturday, April 1, 2017, we hosted a spring Training Day. Four classes were offered, including: Same Love?, Racial Reconciliation, The 7 "I Am" Sayings of Jesus, and How to Not Let Control Take Control. Below is a description of the Racial Reconciliation class. Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about race and diversity? Have you sometimes wondered what the Church’s role should be in racial reconciliation? This class will answer these questions and many more as we look at the history of the American Church and racism, discuss Biblical passages which speak to race and diversity, and offer a chance to engage with a panel about issues affecting minorities today.

Nika Spaulding, Oscar Castillo, Christy Chermak, Jason McPhaulApr 1, 2017