A Few Reasons That the 5 Cs Matter

2003 Messages

Watermark's commitment is for its members to be fully devoted followers or disciples of Christ. A Disciple of Christ is a "learner" and in order to assess how we are doing at "learning", members annually complete a personal growth assessment form covering the 5 Cs: Committed to God; Competent in the Word; Connected; Contributing and Creative.

Todd WagnerJan 5, 2003Luke 14:25-35
Luke 14:25-35

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The Great Exchange
Blake HolmesDec 28, 2003
Is it God's Will that Watermark Build?
Todd WagnerSep 7, 2003
Searching for Treasure We Already Own, part 2
Kyle KaiglerAug 31, 2003Ephesians 1:17-23
Searching for Treasure We Already Own, part 1
Kyle KaiglerAug 24, 2003Ephesians 1:17-23
Ordinary Challenges, Extraordinary Measures
Todd WagnerAug 17, 2003
Extraordinary Church, Ordinary Challenges
Todd WagnerAug 10, 2003
Living Large in a Broken World: Temptations
Scott CoyJun 8, 2003James 1:13-18
Living in a Fallen World: Trials
Scott CoyJun 1, 2003James 1:2-12
Salt and Light
Jay JacobsMay 25, 2003Matthew 5:13-16
The Green Monster
Blake HolmesMar 15, 2003Proverbs 14:30
A Great Children's Ministry Is...
Todd WagnerMar 2, 2003
Fear Factor
Blake HolmesFeb 23, 2003Numbers 13-14
'Working the Steps' with a Shepherd and Making Room for the Sheep
Todd WagnerFeb 16, 2003
A Few Reasons That the 5 Cs Matter
Todd WagnerJan 5, 2003Luke 14:25-35
A Christmas Parallel That is More Than a Parable
Todd WagnerJun 30, 2002
Going the Distance
Todd WagnerMay 12, 2002
Getting in the Ring
Todd WagnerMay 5, 2002
Weighing in on Conflict
Todd WagnerApr 28, 2002

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