The Jeopardy of an Idle Bible

2004 Messages

At least 90% of American homes have a Bible. But how many of us consistently spend time reading our copy? Deuteronomy 32:47 says the bible "is not an idle word. Indeed, it is your life!" Let this important message convict you about the abundant life you will have when you let the very word of God instruct you, encourage you, reprove you and be the ultimate blessing for you!

Todd WagnerDec 12, 2004

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Jesus, Our Ironman from the Manger
Todd WagnerDec 24, 2004
The ABCs of Family Spiritual Leadership
Todd WagnerDec 19, 2004
The Jeopardy of an Idle Bible
Todd WagnerDec 12, 2004
A Look Back at Where We've Been & a Reminder of Where We Are Going: 5 Years of Gratitude & Awe
Todd WagnerNov 7, 2004
Remember This so You Can 'Remember When': What it Takes to Make Relationships Work
Todd WagnerSep 19, 2004
More Than Enough: How It's Going and How We'll Know
Todd WagnerSep 12, 2004
The Wrestling Match: Holding Out or Holding On
Braun BrownSep 5, 2004
Embracing Messy Christianity
Jay JacobsAug 29, 2004
How Can I Help? A God Who Knows How to Do It
Todd WagnerAug 22, 2004
How Are You Doing? A God that Means it When He Asks
Todd WagnerAug 15, 2004
Battling Boutique Christianity: Capturing the Dangerous Wonder of Life with Christ
Kyle KaiglerJul 11, 2004
Letters From Home
Todd WagnerJul 4, 2004
More Than Enough - From Crazy to Irresponsible: What it Will Take to Have More Than Enough
Todd WagnerJun 27, 2004
Debt: A Biblical Perspective
Kyle ThompsonJun 20, 2004
Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage: An Apology, an Answer & an Assignment
Todd WagnerJun 13, 2004
What We are Doing Because of What You Said
Todd WagnerJun 6, 2004
Never Met a Stranger
Braun BrownMay 30, 2004
More Than Enough
Todd WagnerApr 24, 2004
Deciphering 'The Da Vinci Code'
Todd Wagner, Darrell BockFeb 22, 2004
All In...Play To Win
Scott CoyFeb 15, 2004
Unlikely Leadership
Brett JohnstonFeb 8, 2004
Relationships Matter
Todd WagnerFeb 1, 2004
A Recipe for Peace
Todd WagnerJan 25, 2004
Thirsting for the Right Thing...Living in a Moment that Christ Died For
Todd WagnerJan 18, 2004
This Church in Light of Thess. Church, part 2
Todd WagnerJan 11, 2004
This Church in Light of Thess. Church, part 1
Todd WagnerJan 4, 2004

In This Series (26)

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