How To Open Your Bible And Not Just Point To A Random Verse

How to Open Your Bible and Not Just Point to a Random Verse

Many of us have grown up knowing or quickly grown to know the resounding anthem: Read your Bible. The thing is most of us don’t know the true How or Why. In this series we are going to start with the fundamentals- How should we handle scripture? Why do we need to read a book authored hundreds of years ago? We have worked our way to the application part of this series. For a few weeks now there’s been only HW, no “now go apply to your life”. Today we are ready for applying, but we must not forget the preceding steps. What does the process of observing and interpreting the Bible look like for you? Is good observation key for good interpretation? Is good interpretation key for good application? How do we know we’re implementing the message of a passage the way God would have us live it out?

Braun BrownOct 23, 2016