More Than Enough

More Than Enough

Todd presents the vision of Watermark's new facility and the factors that went into its design. He discusses the projected costs and God's call to those whose hearts are stirred to give until there is "more than enough".

Todd WagnerApr 24, 2004

In This Series (9)
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Todd Wagner, John Cox, Charlie ShelbyNov 7, 2010
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Todd WagnerSep 12, 2010
Greater Things Still to Come in This City: More Than Enough, September 2008
Todd WagnerSep 28, 2008
8-Minute Announcement - More Than Enough Property Update
Todd WagnerOct 16, 2005
Why We Can't Wait for Our New Facility - More Than Enough Property Update
Todd WagnerSep 18, 2005
Sunday Evening March 20th - More Than Enough Property Update
Todd WagnerMar 19, 2005
More Than Enough: How It's Going and How We'll Know
Todd WagnerSep 12, 2004
More Than Enough - From Crazy to Irresponsible: What it Will Take to Have More Than Enough
Todd WagnerJun 27, 2004
More Than Enough
Todd WagnerApr 24, 2004

About 'More Than Enough'

This series of messages provides a glimpse into the vision and the heart behind our campaign to build a facility that will allow us to more effectively serve the Dallas community. A consistent place where people can come and hear about the life transforming message of Christ and a safe place to gather and experience love and grace. For further details about More Than Enough, please visit <link></link>.