The Mission with a Capital 'M', part 2

2005 Messages

Life is a long-term mission trip, and each week we have a short-term mission opportunity. We don't necessarily need to go abroad to proclaim the Lord's goodness, but simply to take the next step. The Lord may call us individually to another place or country, but we need to be committed to those who don't know our Savior no matter where we are. Each of us is either a missionary or a mission field; there are no other options.

Todd WagnerJun 19, 2005

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Todd WagnerDec 24, 2005
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Todd WagnerDec 18, 2005
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Todd WagnerDec 4, 2005
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Gary StroopeNov 27, 2005
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Gary StroopeNov 20, 2005
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Todd WagnerSep 18, 2005
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Robert RowlingSep 9, 2005
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The Mission with a Capital 'M', part 2
Todd WagnerJun 19, 2005
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Todd WagnerJun 12, 2005
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Scott CoyJun 5, 2005
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Scott CoyMay 29, 2005
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Blake HolmesApr 2, 2005
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Todd WagnerMar 26, 2005
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Todd WagnerMar 19, 2005
EPIC Community
Michael FlemingMar 13, 2005
And What to do if You Hate Your Job
Todd WagnerJan 30, 2005
Why I Love My Job, part 2
Todd WagnerJan 23, 2005
How Should You Live? Like You Were Dying.
Scott CoyJan 16, 2005
Why I Love My Job, part 1
Todd WagnerJan 9, 2005
How to Get the Most Out of the Journey
Blake HolmesJan 2, 2005

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