Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage: The Ordeal and The Ideal, part 2

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage

(Please be sure you've listened to part one before you listen to this message.) This message is the second in a two-week discussion on the painful issue of divorce. Discover biblical answers to questions like: "Is divorce ever OK?" "What about remarriage?" Or "What do you do if you are facing divorce right now?"

Todd WagnerDec 9, 2001Mark 10:1-12

About 'Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage'

If you haven't dealt with divorce first hand, you probably know someone who has experienced its misery. With this two-part look at Christs words in Mark 10:1-12, you'll gain a clear understanding of what the Bible teaches concerning this painful issue. Find out whether divorce is ever okay, what to do if you are facing divorce, how to offer biblical truth and encouragement for marriages in crisis, as well as what Gods ideal for marriage is and what you can do to pursue it.