Faithfulness: Many Proclaim It, Few Practice it, and How All Can Pursue It

This is the Life! Volume 2

We often confuse faithfulness with a list of to-dos that never seems to get done. But this character attribute is more about knowing what to do in any given situation than simply getting things done. Faithful men and women are confident before their critics, seek accountability, and sleep well because they know whose opinion matters. They know, moreover, that faithfulness provides more opportunities for greater faithfulness. And the list goes on.

Todd WagnerMar 25, 2007Proverbs 20:6

About 'This is the Life! Volume 2'

It's the ultimate self-help book. Centuries before Drs. Laura, Phil and Benjamin came on the scene to tell us how to live, love and parent wisely, God weighed in on these matters in the Book of Proverbs. Today's "life coaches" have simply repackaged God's wisdom but the concepts are timeless and truly life-changing. In this multi-volume series, Todd Wagner combs through the book's 31 chapters and identifies principles for approaching life with wisdom and skill. Each of the attributes is perfectly embodied in the person of Jesus Christ and guaranteed to bring abundant life to those who apply them - regardless of whether they've chosen to acknowledge Christ as Lord or not. Discover the blessed life God has in store for you in Volume 2 of this practical and applicable series on Proverbs.