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Why We "Go at it Alone" and What Happens When We Do

Todd and Dean Macfarlan, a Watermark elder, discuss the meaning of living in true community, seven reasons why people refuse to live this way, and the folly of those choices.

Todd Wagner, Dean MacfarlanSep 2, 2006

In This Series (5)
Why We "Go at it Alone" and What Happens When We Do
Todd Wagner, Dean MacfarlanSep 2, 2006
Which Son are You? Choosing the Master You'll Serve
Todd WagnerSep 2, 2006
Solomon and the Heart that Wants What it Wants
Matt ChandlerSep 2, 2006
Getting Launched on a Mission with Meaning
Matt ChandlerSep 2, 2006
Bill Cosby and the Fatherhood of God
Jay JacobsSep 2, 2006

About 'Launch '06'

The Launch is Watermark's annual Labor Day Retreat for Young Adults and serves as a launching point for our fall ministry and the Porch Tuesday night worship gatherings. Our heart is to "launch" Dallas young adults into a life of worship, community and mission for God's fame in this generation. These messages by Jay Jacobs, Todd Wagner, Dean MacFarlan and Matt Chandler (Lead Pastor of the Village Church) focus on the mission we've all committed ourselves to, whether we've done so intentionally or not. Many of us find ourselves in ruts that are leading to heartache and despair, while others among us might consider walking with increased commitment down the life-giving path we have found in Christ. Wherever you are, we invite you to join us in living lives of purpose, significance and peace, offered only in the provision of a loving, perfect Father.