Apathy and Indifference to God's Call in Our Life

Jumpstart My Heart

Why do followers of Christ - and in particular men who profess to know Christ - often take a back seat, allowing others to carry out the roles God has clearly called them to play?

Blake HolmesAug 6, 2006Jonah 1 - 3

About 'Jumpstart My Heart'

From time to time we all need to take a hard look at our spiritual condition. Are we more committed to God's purposes than we were when we first placed our faith in Christ? Are we increasingly aware of and obedient to the ways in which He wants to accomplish His will through our lives? Or could our relationship with God be characterized more accurately by a lack of passion and commitment to Him? The minor prophets warned Israel against being apathetic and indifferent to God's unfailing love, to His priorities, to those in need, and to His call on their lives. In this series, Blake Holmes walks us through these four aspects of our faith - ones in which followers of Christ today must guard against apathy and indifference. You'll be amazed and encouraged to learn that the Israelites struggled with the same issues we face today - and that God's love is still unchanging, compelling and abiding, and ready to "jumpstart" even the most indifferent heart.