The Wife's Responsibility for Oneness

Watermark Marriage Conference

Join Judy Wimberley and Lucina Thompson as they talk about the wife's contribution to oneness in the marriage.

Judy Wimberley, Lucina ThompsonFeb 19, 2005

About 'Watermark Marriage Conference'

The value of a strong marriage cannot be overestimated. Great marriages are a joy for those who have them, a blessing to those who are around them and a rich inheritance for those who will follow them. As you listen to these messages it is our prayer that you will be encouraged to do whatever is necessary in order to actively pursue the practical steps addressed in each message, including bravely allowing others who love Christ to come alongside you and your spouse as you pursue the oneness God intends. If we at Watermark can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us for encouragement and counsel. This series includes two bonus messages, "Remember This so You Can Remember When: What it Takes to Make Relationships Work", and "Marriage and the 'S' Word: How Knowing Jesus Changes Everything".