Unqualified: The Excuses We Hide Behind, part 2


Using the words of Paul in 1 Thessalonians 2, Blake wraps up this series by exhorting us to effective ministry. Boldness, integrity, devotion and perseverance are its key components.

Blake HolmesJun 11, 20061 Thessalonians 2

About 'Unqualified'

Carrying out God's will for our lives can be intimidating - sometimes downright scary. The Bible gives us numerous examples of faithful followers - people like Moses, Elijah and Esther, to name a few - who felt unqualified for their ministry and who hid behind a wide range of excuses. Taking a frank look at reasons why we often feel ill-equipped for ministry, Blake Holmes examines Gods response to our excuses as well as Paul's exhortation to bold, effective ministry.