Is the Bible God's Word? part 1

The Tough Ones

How do we know the Bible is a divine book? First, its production: the Bible was written in three languages over the span of at least 1500 years with 40 authors who all wrote on one central theme - the redemption of mankind from sin through Christ.  Second, its preservation: for 2000 years it has withstood the efforts of many who wanted to eradicate it.

Todd WagnerOct 25, 1998

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Is the Bible God's Word? part 1
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Todd WagnerSep 28, 1998

About 'The Tough Ones'

What do you do when asked a question about your faith that you're not completely sure how to answer? In this series, Todd Wagner addresses some of the 'tough ones' that followers of Christ should expect to hear - and should be able to answer with grace and truth. Can we trust the Bible? What about someone who's never heard the Gospel? Why is there evil? How do we even know God exists? Join Todd as he delivers eight messages that will equip you to more effectively share your faith and will strengthen your trust in the God of that faith.