Relationships: The Myths, the Madness and the Mark of Good Ones, part 3


If you want to learn from experience that no human can fulfill you, then go ahead and learn from experience. But this section begs you to think differently. God wants you to remain faithful and to experience a fulfilling relationship with Him. Todd offers the pattern for successful human relationships - or at least for moving forward in them.

Todd WagnerNov 16, 2001

About 'strait-talk'

The word ?strait? refers to a narrow channel connecting two large bodies of water. But it can also be used denote difficulty or distress. And let?s face it: Dating relationships, while usually a great source of fun and excitement, can often cause no small measure of pain and confusion. And they aren?t always the antidote to loneliness we anticipated.In this short series, Todd Wagner considers how God?s Word would answer these questions: 1) Is loneliness our greatest enemy? 2) What five kinds of people engage in relationships? 3) What are some of the myths we believe about relationships? 4) How do you define love? 5) How do you make good decisions when you?re dating someone? Discover some truths that will help you navigate these uncertain waters in a way that honors God and speaks of His faithfulness.