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9/11 - The Day That America Did Not Change Forever

The events of 9-11 shocked us a nation. For a moment we remembered God and vowed to change our priorities. The lasting response has been ramping up security and vowing to rout out terrorists. Todd draws from Joshua and Revelation for a tough lesson on how our response to 9-11 has been misguided, man-made and ultimately a misfire.

Todd WagnerSep 15, 2002

Messages In This Series (4)
Sovereignty, Hurricanes and Terrorism: What They Mean for Us Today
Todd WagnerSep 11, 2005
War, What's it Good For? Peace, Pacifism, War and the Word
Todd WagnerMar 9, 2003
9/11 - The Day That America Did Not Change Forever
Todd WagnerSep 15, 2002
Jesus' Response to Towers that Fall
Todd WagnerSep 16, 2001

About 'National Issues & Biblical Responses'

Many are looking for answers to make sense out of the disasters that have taken place in the last few years. Everywhere, people want to know where God is in events like these and how or why things like this happen. In the midst of grief and fear, God's Word offers us peace, hope and wisdom for living in a world plagued by sin and tumult. Looking at more than just terrorism and hurricanes, this series addresses all sin and its consequences and offers God's answer to our great need.