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Profile of a Serial Sheep Killer

Todd discusses twenty characteristics of the apostate leader - and why we must be diligent about evaluating programs, teachers and instruction.

Todd WagnerJan 29, 2006
Jude 8-16

Messages In This Series (4)
To Build Up or Break Down: The Job Descriptions of Saints and Scoffers
Todd WagnerFeb 5, 2006
Profile of a Serial Sheep Killer
Todd WagnerJan 29, 2006
Beware the Creepers
Todd WagnerJan 22, 2006
How to Play in Such a Way that the Program and the Coach are Famous
Todd WagnerJan 15, 2006

About 'Jude'

In this world it is easy to become deluded, tolerating sin and succumbing to isolation. This series, based on the New Testament book of Jude, challenges devoted followers of Christ to recognize who we are in Him. We are wooed by the call of an irresistible suitor, we are loved with the love of a wonderful savior, and we are kept by the will of an unstoppable keeper. The Holy Spirit empowers us to live exemplary lives that are worthy of imitation while standing firm against teachers and doctrines that are not consistent with the character of Christ. This 4-part series explores Jude's exhortations to be different, provides guidelines for spotting false teachers, and explains our role as contenders for the truth.