Substance That Makes the Style Matter: Easy Ways to Share the Gospel

If It Matters To Him, It Should Matter To Us

How familiar are you with the truth of the Gospel? And would you be ready to communicate its content to someone when the opportunity arises? This week's message provides a clear presentation of the essential aspects of the gospel: grace, man, God, Christ, and faith. Spend some time equipping yourself to be able to "give an account for the hope that is in you."

Todd WagnerJun 24, 2001

About 'If It Matters To Him, It Should Matter To Us'

Evangelism isn't just something a few people are good at; it's something every follower of Christ is given the privilege and command to participate in. We all sheepishly acknowledge the command and most of us willingly agree that it is a privilege, but few of us are as radically (or intentionally) committed to the uncommitted as we know we ought to be. This collection of messages will encourage you by reminding you of the incredible passion God has for you and for others. You'll find scriptural encouragement, practical instruction and helpful encouragement in every message so that your life can increasingly be what it ought to be...a source of love, light, and life to others.