The Father's Ways to Show the One Way: Knowing Them and Modeling Them

If It Matters To Him, It Should Matter To Us

In Luke 15 Jesus told three stories to illustrate how profoundly valuable the lost are to the Father. He went about this task in many different ways, using all means possible to reach those who were far from God. For believers today, one style of evangelism may be no better than the others, but any style is better than no style!

Todd WagnerJun 17, 2001

About 'If It Matters To Him, It Should Matter To Us'

Evangelism isn't just something a few people are good at; it's something every follower of Christ is given the privilege and command to participate in. We all sheepishly acknowledge the command and most of us willingly agree that it is a privilege, but few of us are as radically (or intentionally) committed to the uncommitted as we know we ought to be. This collection of messages will encourage you by reminding you of the incredible passion God has for you and for others. You'll find scriptural encouragement, practical instruction and helpful encouragement in every message so that your life can increasingly be what it ought to be...a source of love, light, and life to others.