You'll Never Get Anywhere 'til You Get This Right Part 2

Hurts, Habits, Hangups and Hope

Every one of us struggles with something (or many things) in our lives. This five-part series about overcoming our hurts, habits and hang-ups kicks off with Step 1 in recovery: Admit you are powerless over your addictions and compulsive behaviors, that your life has become unmanageable, and that you are not God. In what area of your life are you struggling or hiding from others? Whatever it is, God offers us hope and healing through His Son, Jesus Christ. Part 2

Todd WagnerJan 12, 2003Matthew 5:3-4
Matthew 5:3-4

In This Series (5)
The Heart That's Well is the Heart That Tells
Todd WagnerFeb 9, 2003Matthew 5:10-12
Hammering Through the Harm Done to You and That You've Done to Others
Todd WagnerFeb 2, 2003Matthew 5:7,9
Moving Forward as Grace Moves In
Todd WagnerJan 26, 2003Matthew 5:6
Coming Clean Once You've Come to the Light
Todd WagnerJan 19, 2003Matthew 5:58
You'll Never Get Anywhere 'til You Get This Right Part 2
Todd WagnerJan 12, 2003Matthew 5:3-4

About 'Hurts, Habits, Hangups and Hope'

Church is a place to heal, not a place to hide. Unfortunately, not enough of us have had that experience. The good news is that you can acknowledge your hurts or destructive habits, you can stop working to protect anyone from finding out about secrets, and you can live in freedom from addictive or compulsive behaviors. Join Todd Wagner, pastor of Watermark Community Church, as he walks through the biblical principles for finding healing and hope. Together we can celebrate the recovery principles found in the Scriptures that our heavenly Father has given to, and for, all of us.