The Word vs. The World: An Overview of James

Thursday Evening Fall 2011/Spring 2012 Study

As the study begins, we want to share our heart for God's word and His women as well as introduce the fall study of James and 1 Timothy. Listen as we put these books in the context of the whole story of scripture. These books highlight the contrast between what the world tells us and what the Word tells us. Dig in this fall to watch what happens as you begin to do what the word says instead of what the world says!

Ann HolfordSep 8, 2011

In This Series (24)
Kept by Jesus
Judy WimberleyApr 26, 2012Jude 11-25
Whose Glasses are You Wearing? Why the Lens through which You View the World Matters
Ann HolfordApr 19, 2012Jude 1-10
The Hostess with the Mostest
Jeanie CoxApr 12, 20123 John (all)
Walk on the Green Line of TLC
Judy WimberleyApr 5, 20122 John (all)
Clean Up
Lucina ThompsonMar 29, 2012Philemon 12-25
Paul's Letter to Philemon and What it Means to be a Minister of Reconciliation
Jeanie CoxMar 22, 2012Philemon 1:1-11
Soaring with the Gospel
Judy WimberleyMar 15, 2012Titus 2:9 - 3:15
Project Runway
Ann HolfordMar 8, 2012Titus 1:1 - 2:8
Get it Straight and Give it Straight
Jeanie CoxMar 1, 20122 Timothy 4
A Study in Contrasts
Judy WimberleyFeb 23, 20122 Timothy 3
Combat Manual Chapter 2: Worth it All
Ann HolfordFeb 16, 20122 Timothy 2:3-26
Fan the Flame of the Spirit
Jeanie CoxFeb 9, 20122 Timothy 1:1 - 2:2
What You Really Need
Ann HolfordDec 1, 20111 Timothy 6
Pastoral Care
Judy WimberleyNov 17, 20111 Timothy 5
Fit, Fat or Fad?
Ann HolfordNov 10, 20111 Timothy 3:14-4:16
God's Maturity List
Judy WimberleyNov 3, 20111 Timothy 3
Now Can You Hear Me?
Jeanie CoxOct 27, 20111 Timothy 2
Grounded in the Gospel: Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing
Ann HolfordOct 20, 20111 Timothy 1
Family Values
Jeanie CoxOct 13, 2011James 5
Who is Wearing the Crown in Your Heart?
Judy WimberleyOct 6, 2011James 4
A Word to the Wise
Ann HolfordSep 29, 2011James 3
Faith and Favoritism
Jeanie CoxSep 22, 2011James 2
An Appeal to be Real
Judy WimberleySep 15, 2011James 1
The Word vs. The World: An Overview of James
Ann HolfordSep 8, 2011

In This Series (24)