Easter: How to be a Genius

How to be an Idiot

Live with an eternal perspective, as if Easter happened, even if the world calls you an idiot. Because Easter really happened, we are geniuses for following in the footsteps of Christ. In order to work out your salvation (Philippians 2:12), you must live as Jesus lived.

Todd WagnerApr 12, 1998

About 'How to be an Idiot'

The ancient Greeks had a word for it - "idios" - someone consumed with his own interests and opinions. It's the origin of the English word "idiot," someone we regard today as lacking wisdom or good judgment. And, interestingly enough, the Bible has a lot to say about idiots, either painting vivid portraits of individuals relying on their own reasoning or laying out specific warnings about the danger of pursuing our own instincts and desires when they run contrary to Gods Word. In this 12-part series Todd Wagner helps us recognize our innate tendencies to reject wisdom and provides practical insight for living blessed, purposeful lives.