When God Rolled up His Sleeves

How Big Is Your God?

Blake discusses God's power and supremacy as revealed through salvation. The prophet Isaiah described Christ's life and ministry in great detail 700 years before Christ came to earth, and all of the Old Testament anticipates His birth. Yet God's people expected Him to come as a lion, and missed him because He came as a lamb, offering reconciliation with God. He will return again, but this time in judgment. Are we ready to face that day?

Blake HolmesAug 7, 2005Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12

About 'How Big Is Your God?'

How big is your God? Do you believe He is able to meet your deepest needs? Help you overcome your past? Strengthen you to face todays challenges? Unfortunately, for too many of us, our God is too small! In this 5-part series, Blake Holmes will help you rediscover the God of the Bible whose power and supremacy is clearly revealed through: creation, government, providence, judgment and salvation. Learn what the Bible has to say about the character of God and fall in love with the One who reigns supreme over heaven and earth.