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A Biblical Perspective on Money

Money is not the root of all evil, but Scripture tells us that the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil. Actually money itself is amoral, not good or evil, but provides us an opportunity for either faithfulness or selfishness. The key to contentment is not a lot of cash; the key to contentment is knowing that the King is good and that He promises to always be aware of your need. Money can bring some pleasure, but it makes a horrible god: don't trust in it.

Todd WagnerApr 27, 2003
1 Timothy 6:7-19

Messages In This Series (3)
A Biblical Perspective on Possessions, Rewards and Eternity
Todd WagnerMay 11, 2003
Giving and All That Goes With It
Todd WagnerMay 4, 2003
A Biblical Perspective on Money
Todd WagnerApr 27, 2003

About 'The Green, The Gray and The Gold'

It's clear that money and giving are important, but it's also easy to become jaded about the way churches often speak about finances. In "The Green, the Gray and the Gold" sermon series, Todd takes on the myths, misconceptions and musts of a true biblical perspective toward money and all that goes with it. You'll see that ultimately our attitude about money and material possessions is inseparable from our spiritual condition, and our spiritual condition is inseparable from true joy in life.