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The Five Words that Change Everything

"And the Word became flesh". This short phrase addresses literally millennia of intellectual, philosophical and theological questions about our Creator. There is no need for us to speculate or, as Plato put it, wait for a more sure word from God. He appeared in the flesh and dwelt among us and the record of His appearance is what we study in the book of John.

Todd WagnerOct 31, 2010
John 1:14-18

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The Five Words that Change Everything
Todd WagnerOct 31, 2010
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The Word: Not What You Think... But Even Better
Todd WagnerOct 10, 2010

About 'The Gospel Of John: The Visible Image, Volume 1'

Who was Jesus Christ? A mythical man created to give a false sense of comfort after we die? Some sort of character that enables us to justify our own choices while simultaneously giving us the power to judge others? Or was He something much bigger? God, in the flesh, walking and living among His creation. A sinless man who became the sacrifice for our sins. The Gospel of John is more than Christology 101. It is an invitation to a living and active faith in Jesus Christ. Come join us on this life-changing journey through the book of John: the story of Jesus Christ.