Be Compelling, Be Concise, Be Clear

Compelled to Converse

Once we have understood that the Lord has poured out mercy and grace and love through Jesus Christ, once we have accepted His challenge to make us fishers of men, we need to live lives that compel others to want to know Him. And then be able to share the Gospel in a way that is clear and concise. Todd shares three easy ways to do this.

Todd WagnerOct 3, 2010
2 Timothy 4:2, 5

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Be Compelling, Be Concise, Be Clear
Todd WagnerOct 3, 2010
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About 'Compelled to Converse'

It's not a job reserved exclusively for pastors and professionals. It's not just for the "called" and "qualified". As His followers, it's our job to share the eternal hope of Christ to a dying world. But if we as believers, have a life-giving message to share, why are so few of us "compelled to converse"? Join Todd Wagner as we take a comprehensive look at the Gospel and how we can most effectively share it in the context of our culture.