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Hints for a Healthy Tongue

When is comes to learning about the tongue, who better to learn from than the half-brother of Jesus? Can you imagine living your life with someone who speaks perfectly? In part 3 of our series, we look at what James 3:2-12 has to say about taming the tonuge.

Mike SheltonSep 19, 2010
James 3:2-12

In This Series (3)
Hints for a Healthy Tongue
Mike SheltonSep 19, 2010
Deadly Daggers
David MarvinSep 12, 2010
Where Your Words Began
Mike SheltonAug 29, 2010

About 'Open Mic'

Everyone has an open mic. It's a gift that God has given us: to be able to bless people, tear people down, speak truth, or speak lies. How we use it is up to us.